Summative Post: Contextualisation


Luc Tuymans’ Gaskamer was the painting that influenced my project as I was fascinated at how Tuymans was able to normalise such a evil scene. This was something I wanted to achieve in my work but not in the exact way that Tuymans. I was interested in figures and scenes rather than environments.



This was an article that I read for my dissertation research, it ultimately asked the question whether or not evilness is a human trait and not something that only the cruelest among has have deep within. It also gave me the subject matter for my first main piece as the front cover of the article showed a scene from a Nazi Youth Rally.


This trip came just before I painted my first main piece of the Nazi youth. This was the perfect time as this Kiefer exhibition showed work that inspired me in terms of his use of muddy colours and painting very large scale. As well as this we shared similar themes as he worked with the idea of evilness as well. I feel this was the exhibition that inspired me to work on a larger scale and to keep using paper.


This research into evilness in the art of the past was done in order to gain a greater knowledge of how this portrayal has evolved through the ages. One painting in particular inspired me and this was Goya’s The Third of May 1808. This was because it symbolised the classic depiction of evil and this was that one or one battle between the two forces. This influenced my work as I was always reminded not to go down this route, as I wanted the viewer to experience a sense of realisation when observing my work.



The Marlene Dumas exhibition at the Tate was probably the best show I have been to this year. She is known for her painterly style and this was something I wanted to incorporate more into my work. She also explored evilness with her work so this was very relevant to my studio practice.



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