Final Tutorial with James

As we enter the last week before we start building our degree show it was a good time to discuss our final ideas and how we are going to present our work in the degree show. I explained my idea of two or three large scale paintings on paper which will be displayed along a white wall. The big issue regarding this was how i am going to display the work, and I felt the minimal look would be more successful. I am planning to used clips and suspend the pieces using nails so that the work hangs away from the wall rather than stuck to it. I also said how i was going to paint the nails white so this detachment was even more prominent. He agreed with this idea and suggested some artisits to look at. The first being Michael Subotzky and his photography work.


Cell 33, Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison


Pasvang, Pollsmoor Maximum Security Prison

This photography is powerful in the sense that it gives the impression that these people are suffering. Which is a strange thought because many of these would have committed acts that can be regarded as evil. Furthermore the second photograph above is a digital print in pigment inks on cotton rag paper. The use of cotton rag paper appeals to me as I feel it is similar to my use of paper. For me the more basic the material the better which is one of the reasons I have moved away from the canvas material. The second artisit that James reccommended was Hamed El Kanbouhi, his work can be seen below.

This work immediately appeals to me for its paintery style which is somewhat different to controversial subject matter he chooses. Which is something I am trying to achive in my work. James said this artist was also relevant for the display of his work, much of the work is on unframed canvas material that his hang from hooks. This is similar to want I want to achieve with the display or my work. I feel this detachment from the wall is extremely important. Another artist who paints in a style that does not suit her subject matter is Alida Cervantes.


This can be seen in this oil on wood painting. Her work explores the intricacy and intimacy of power, and in particular submission and dominance. The issue of power is quite a controversial theme however this is contrasted with the fun painterly style.

James also suggested how much more of a difficult process it will be take the paper off the wall and measure it to the appropriate size. I initially did not realise this task who be so hard but now I will dedicate more preparation and time to it. He suggested getting a laser spirit level and to place the paper on mats or the floor so I can cut them to size exactly. Before this advice I was jut going to cut the paper to size straight from the wall. All in all I feel this tutorial has given me more confidence in this final week of work.


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