An artist I was advised to look at by James

Following my feedback I was recommended an artist who used to study at CSAD who went by the name of Jan Williams.

“In my artist practice I am interested in the way that we respond to spaces and places that we pass through. The passage of time and the ambiguity of transitional states are also concerns that I explore through the medium of paint, photography and installation.”


This painted piece above reminds me of Tuymans’ ‘Gaskamer’ in the sense that it documents the power of an empty space. This piece is not as minimal as ‘Gaskamer’ however it does magnify the power of an environment.


She also used other outlets to convey this idea, particularly installations, one of which can be seen above. This piece is extremely simplistic, yet powerful. Although the work is only a faint shadow it carries a huge presence of this vast white wall. It also seems quite ghostly. Simplicity is something I want to convey more in my work. I don’t want to over paint my final pieces as this as been a criticism in the past.


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