Painting of final main piece

The process of painting this piece was much quicker than my previous large scale painting. Perhaps for the easier alignment of subjects. Here below is the art work right now.

IMG_0910I am painting with more confidence in this piece, the most obvious reason for this is that I am more used to painting portraits than numerous figure like in my second main piece. The first step was to do a light pencil sketch of the image to give me some direction.

IMG_0911 IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0914

Here are some close up images of the early stages of this work. I want to show the kind of oil under layer that I am painting on. Here you are see the dark thick tones which predominately show horizontal heavy brush strokes. Applied to this is a very diluted layer of white oil paint for the sky and the figures have literally been sketched out using a paint brush. Following this I have built up the basic layers of the figures and this process will continue until the piece has more life to it.


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