Painting for second main piece for degree show

To start this piece I had to firstly pencil sketch the figures and apply some paint to the figures and in particular the central figure. I was surprised by how quickly this process went, before I knew it I was applying heavy layers of paint to the paper in order to cover all of the surface. This can be seen below.


This is the bulk of the layers. I painted the whole figure of the central figure because I wanted his presence to be ingrained within the piece somewhat. Along with this I have roughly painted the hooded figures as I feel these also need to be deep rooted within the piece. In the sections that have not been occupied by intentional layers of painted I have applied a flesh tone which is very bulky and robotic in appearance. The next step is to outline the figures and give them some individuality. This process has already started with one of the figures. There are some areas that are particularly thickly painted such as the flag. However this has been intentional as I want to paint with a painterly style. Also I want the piece to have different variations of intensity.

IMG_0909This above is a close up just to show what the paint work is like at this early stage. As you could see the paint has been applied quite roughly but I want to show the thick application which is still visible once it has been painted over. This is most evident in the unmasked figure to the right.


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