Moving onto third final main piece for degree show

As I am approaching the final stages of my second final main piece I felt it was time to move onto my third and final piece. As the image choosing process was quite difficult before I felt it was going to be more of the same this time around. Therefore I felt it was best that I worked from an image that I have already painted. Here is the piece below.


When I painted this on A1 paper I felt it was one of the most successful pieces. The reason for me choosing this photograph from the Serbat-Croat war of 1994 was the fact that the figures all look so guilt free despite their involvement in the evilness of the time. As part of my dissertation research I analysed this war in great detail as it was a great genocidal massacre. This photo differs somewhat from the other two as it has not got this school photograph theme, however it does involve this brainwashing aspect to some degree, after all weren’t they just following orders.


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