Choosing Imagery for 2nd and 3rd Final Main pieces

This was a difficult task. At this point I have determined what I want to do for the degree show however as it has been such a long time since I painted the first of this series I feel my work have become detached. Following my recent work on a smaller scale I feel the best sources to find imagery are newspaper articles. The reason for this is because the photograph is recent and more so it has a story attached to it. The newspaper has ultimately portrayed the image in a evil light, therefore I feel it is the perfect platform to paint from. Here below is the image I have chose.

243E45F100000578-0-image-a-38_1419353135690The reason I have chose this image is because it is a photo that has been deemed as a current form of evil as it portrays the ISIS. Furthermore it involves the most innocent members of society, children. I feel it is important to work more with current affairs as I want the viewer to relate to the work and this is the best way to do so. Something else that attracted me to this photo is that similarity between this photo and a school photo. The kids are posing in an orderly fashion which suggests a sense of total devotion to the cause. It also links to my other main piece which depicts a scene from a Nazi Youth rally. It has to be said brainwashing is a part of evilness as human beings are very impressionable creatures. This picture is from the daily mail, here is the article below

I will be painting on paper once again, and on a similar scale to my previous large scale piece.


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