Preparation work for second main piece for degree show

In preparation for painting these large scale images I first had to gum tape these large pieces of paper to the wall to ensure that they would remain flat and unbuckled from the paint. On one of the large sheets of paper I laid an under layer of oil paint as I do  with all my work on paper. However I did not do this with this ISIS piece as I felt the array of army tones in the photo would replace this. I was interested to see how this would work out. On the third piece it was quite a thick layer of oil paint which included mostly dark tones such as purple and blue. In preparation for this ISIS piece I mapped out a smaller scale image of A1 paper. Here it is below.


On the surface this looks like a painting that will be quite difficult to paint purely for the complicated arrangement of figures. As you can see above I have paid particular attention to the hooded figures, as I feel this black mask will prove to be a vital part of the image. They will have to remain outputting however it must still have that childish element to it. This childish and innocent aspect will be summed up by the gun wielding central figure who appears to have some sort of authority.


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