Painting of ISIS Falling Man

Before painting this image on A1 paper I felt it was necessary to do a smaller scale study. The most striking part is obviously the figure, however I also feel the sky is an important factor. Here below I have drawn the figures and building and practiced with blue background. I want to do the sky like this in the larger piece, it is almost as if the figure is falling into an abyss.


This is a quick sketch of the falling figure. I want to document how the figure on its own does not seen in any pain or terror. But rather falling with a sense of freedom. Here below are two A1 paintings of this scene. I have really focused on the figures and in the second one I have taken away the building to focus on the sky. I am not very pleased with these pieces overall, I feel overall that I have lost touch with what I wanted to achieve. I feel I need to revert back to the type of images I was previously painting.

IMG_0903 IMG_0904


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