London Trip- Marlene Dumas Exhibition

In February I travelled to London with the univeristy to visit art galleries. One exhibition that was of particular interest was the Dumas show in the Tate Modern. Marlen Dumas is an artist I have always interested in terms of her painting style, however I wasn’t entirely aware that so much of her work related to mine. The first piece that was of particular importance was “Evil is Banal.”


“Dumas often uses surprising titles for her paintings as a way to allude to subjects that are not overtly present in the image. This is especially effective in her self-portrait ‘Evil is Banal’, which is a reference to Hannah Arendt’s text on the trial of a Nazi officer and the Holocaust. Here the gestural larger-than-life portrait of a woman becomes something more ambiguous, an expression of a psychological state of mind or concept.”

This painting is very much a representation of the evilness one can create, which relates to my work. This piece is extremely successful because it doesn’t appear evil, much like the work of other artists I have looked at the evil is very much normalised. This is still a part of my work that i criticise, I feel I need to be more bold in the normalisation of my work. This piece still carries this sinister quality while not appearing classically evil. I feel this piece will be a huge influence for my future work. Also perhaps portraiture is a route I should redisover.


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