Robert Priseman

Robert Priseman is an artist who is fasinated with the Gas chamber.




These pieces above are produced using coloured pencils, this in itself is quite a soft tool for such a powerful subject matter. The use of colour pencil suggests a certain realness to the piece especially with this very real style of drawing. There is something about the spatial element within the piece that normalises the evil in  similar way to Tuymans. The limited nature allows the viewer to create there own evil.


Falling Man

This photograph from the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks reminded me of the photograph I am currently painting. The man in the ISIS image who is falling is clearly in distress however the 9/11 falling man seems graceful and relaxed. Through my painting I want to normalise this ISIS image so much so that it is not initially recognisable.


Painting of ISIS Falling Man

Before painting this image on A1 paper I felt it was necessary to do a smaller scale study. The most striking part is obviously the figure, however I also feel the sky is an important factor. Here below I have drawn the figures and building and practiced with blue background. I want to do the sky like this in the larger piece, it is almost as if the figure is falling into an abyss.


This is a quick sketch of the falling figure. I want to document how the figure on its own does not seen in any pain or terror. But rather falling with a sense of freedom. Here below are two A1 paintings of this scene. I have really focused on the figures and in the second one I have taken away the building to focus on the sky. I am not very pleased with these pieces overall, I feel overall that I have lost touch with what I wanted to achieve. I feel I need to revert back to the type of images I was previously painting.

IMG_0903 IMG_0904

War and its Recent Portrayal in Film

Recently I took the time to watch two movies that were recently in the cinema. These being Fury and American Sniper.

These are two movies that paint America is an extremely positive light, which goes back to what John Gay discussed that the western world sees good and evil being completing different and war is ultimately just that. It could be seen as ignorance.

Joe Sola by Stuart Horodner

As part of an exercise for our tutorial we were told to look at a journal is order to get some inspiration. In a journal entitled BOMB magazine I came across this still from a short film named Joe Sola” by Stuart Horodner. The thing that attracted me to this image was the casual take on such a gruesome scene. It could be said that this scene has normalised evil. This is highlighted with the normal headless men sitting down as if engaging in conversation.

 “Joe Sola is known for hilariously aggressive and disarmingly tender art activities, often involving his own body and combinations of pencils, paint, video, and unlikely collaborators. High-school football players, male porn stars, female escorts, and LA voice-over artists have all played parts in his live events and filmed productions. Add guppies, power tools, preppy clothing, and blood, and you get a decent sense of his palette.”

Painting of Stuart Horodner video, Joe Sola

This is a painting of the Horodner still. The repainted this image in an attempt to normalise it further and to get a sense of what the most important components are. Yes the headless figures are a huge part, but the white room as well suggests an element of the scene being normal.


Looking at Propaganda

During a recent tutorial I was advised to look at propaganda I felt this was the right thing to do as propaganda posters in particular are often hiding an inner evil. This is one that I stumbled across.


This is a Nazi propaganda poster which is trying to discourage people from entering into any interracial relationship of any kind. The thing that attracted me to this image was the friendly nature of the image, it has nothing to do with what the German words say. I felt I could exploit this within my work. This was the painting that I produced below, again on A1 paper. I am not entirely happy with this piece, again I feel it is not the right image to work from in terms of normalising evil. I feel like I can’t determine this until the painting starts to take shape.