Exploration using ISIS Material

As part of my supporting work I have decided to keep an A3 sketchbook, in this I will document the images I am using and practice painting these in a painterly style in the attempt of normalising it. Here below is an example of this involving the ISIS subject matter that I have been recently using.



Research into ISIS

Like my research into the Nazi youth I felt it was necessary to take the time to looking deeper into ISIS and their speedy rise to power.

The most reoccurring  news article is the gruesome beheadings that are currently in the news.

behead1 140913-david-haines-1913_5afee602ca9b8b5b279eb4b52b84050a

These be headings are what made Jihad John so famous, especially because he grew up in the UK.

Here is a documentary I watched to enhance my knowledge.


As well as this here is a radio broadcast from bbc radio 4 discussing ISIS.


British Army Glamourised

In recent times in particular the army has been accused of glamourising the job and not giving an honest representation of the role. Here below is a newspaper article that documents this criticism.


Here is a advertisment for the army.

As you can see it does not reflect what exactly a potential soldier would face. Which like a lot of other facts are manipulated in order for them to be seen in a positive light. This is done a huge amount in society.