“The truth about evil” -John Gray

Towards the latter stages of my dissertation research I bumped into my previous constellation tutor at the Kiefer exhibition in London, she suggested an article to me that she felt would assist my research.


This newspaper article entitled “The truth about evil” by John Gray has since played a huge role in my research and also within my studio practice. It comments on the current state of politics and the universal view on the term evil.and how this is fundamentally incorrect.

“Our leaders talk a great deal about vanquishing the forces of evil. But their rhetoric reveals a failure to accept that cruelty and conflict are basic human traits.”

“Most western leaders reject the insight that destructive human conflict is rooted in flaws within human beings.”

“Aiming to exorcise evil from the modern mind, secular liberals have ended up constructing another version of demonology.”

These quote reflects the whole article and this is ultimately something that I am trying to convey within my work. I want to produce work that challenge the view that evil is something only the cruellest among us have. I want the viewer to relate to the evilness in my work and understand that it is a human trait, and always will be no matter how civilised humanity becomes. The articles goes on to suggest how the western world in particular is a slave to this ideal.

The article goes onto suggest the origins of this portrayal of evil and Gray indicates that much of this has stemmed from religion and this whole idea of good versus evil. This being an idea that implies that they are totally separate entities. He also comments on current events in the Middle East and the sharp rise of ISIS and our perception that they are entirely evil. This is a real thought provoking article and I would recommend anyone to give it a read. This article has also given me the subject matter for my first large scale painting of the Nazi Youth. This can be seen below.



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