Experimenting More With Images from War

After a dissertation tutorial with Ashley Morgan, she told me about a horrific war called the Serbat-Croat War. After this tutorial I googled the war and found an interesting images of a selection of army personal who seemed to be enjoying themselves. Here is the image below.



I found the photograph interesting as the soldiers seemed to have a clear ability to be able to extract themselves from the evil situation. I also was interested in how the scene seems cheerful, I wanted to exaggerate this in my next painting.


Here is the finished piece, again on A1 paper. With this piece I was very interested in characters, and in particular the man in the front on the shot who appears to be a leader of some sort. Facial expressions were also something that I was interested in with this piece. I wanted the enjoyment of their expressions to override the scene and situation they are in. Out of all my paintings this is probably the most bold, I refrained from using a diluted layer of oil paint. Overall I am pleased with this piece.



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