Tutorial with James Green

This was our final group tutorial with James Green before the formative assessment and the end of first term. He commented on how my work seemed to have shifted a bit and how I was painting war scenes more and more. I mentioned my interest in propaganda and he advised that I look at propaganda today, particularly in the army recruitment process. He also said to look at films with war is glamourised, for example in the movie “Fury.” He also said that my paintings don’t actually show the horrors of war, however I feel that this is what I was looking to achieve. He also recommended to look more into history, for example how Hitler tried to wipe out history and replace it.


Art Auction to Raise Money for Degree Show

For the art Auction I decided something to do something that was in line with my current studio practice. Here I done a small scale painting of the main character from the large scale Nazi image I am currently doing. It was a great night and this piece sold for twenty five pound which was great.


Finished Large Scale Piece






This is the finished large scale of the Nazi Youth. Overall I am happy with the piece. However I am not entirely sure whether I have fully finished this piece as I may come back to it and work on it some more. I feel I have captured the figures well but I am still unsure about the background. Also while I feel I made made large strides in terms of normalising the evil I do not feel that I am fully achieved this as of yet as this piece does still appear quite evil on first glance.

Pencil Study of Nazi Propaganda Image

IMG_0954As I have started looking at propaganda I felt it was necessary to do a pencil sketch before I started painting this image on A1 paper.

Hitler’s Youth

As I am currently painting a large scale image of Hitler’s youth I felt it was necessary to gain a greater knowledge about the whole scheme. Here below is an interesting youtube video about it.

The image I am painting is of a rally. Here is a video so you can experience first hand the atmosphere they had.

The complete sense of devotion displayed here is so interesting and it really does beg the question are these people to blame the the evil acts they may have committed.

Looking at ‘Evilness’ On a Much Lower Scale

Following a tutorial with James Green he commented on my large scale painting and suggest how the boys looked liked zombies and that they were brainwashed. Obviously the Nazi regime was a very extreme case of brainwashing, however James Green suggested I look at brainwashing on a much lower scale, well as far as we know. This is an interesting documentary how we are constantly manipulated.

The most interesting aspect I feel is the impact supermarkets have. After googling images of supermarkets I was interested in the hypnotic feel they presented, particularly the floor. I then created some quick painting, again on A1 paper. Here are the results.

IMG_0863 IMG_0862I know these aren’t strong pieces, however I feel they are something I can build upon at a later date.

Tutorial with James Green

This tutorial came at around the mid point stage of my large painting. James Green suggested some war artist such as Henry Moore and a painter who I now really like. Maria Lassnig is a painter who paints with quite vibrant yet mellow colours.