Painting Subject Matter On A Much Larger Scale

The next step was to start my much larger scaled image of this Nazi youth photograph. I again chose to work on paper, I just feel it gives me more a sense of freedom. This is the largest piece I have worked on in quite a while so it was vital I adapted. The first step of my painting was to simply layer the page with areas of think and thin oil paint. After this was done, I had to draw out the main front row characters, and eventually I started painting them. At this stage I felt it was right to give these figure quite a bit of detail as the outcome of these characters would determine the formation of my background. After this stage I started the mark makings which would suggest the illusion of the crowd once my final layers have been completed. Here is the piece at the mid-point stage below.


Overall I am happy with the current progress.


These are the two main figures, hence why they are painted so boldly compared to the rest.


And these are the remaining figures from the front row, although they are less powerful they are very important in portraying this evil element of the piece.


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