New Imagery to Paint from

Following an interest in evil being a natural part of society, I was recommended an article entitled ‘The Truth about Evil.’ After reading this article I chose to use the main photograph as the subject for my next piece. This is the image below.


This photograph from the Nazi youth interested me a great deal due to element of brainwashing involved. It isn’t a violent image as such but the evil stems from these children’s faith in such an evil ideology. Also I thought it was a lovely image to paint, particularity with the bland facial expression of the boys in the front row. Again I painted the image on A1 paper, here is the result.

IMG_0826 IMG_0827

This was the first initial painting on A1 paper that I was very happy with. I felt I portrayed the brainwashed feel of the piece well in the pale, deathly figures at the front. With this piece I also wanted to pay more attention to the Luc Tuymans piece ‘Gaskamer.’ In this piece he focuses on the environment and represents the horrors with a very pale palette. I tried to do this here, I used my artistic license and made it appear as though the crowd is bigger than the actual photograph and I gave the illusion of a crowd with the dabbing effect. On top on this background I layered a very diluted wash of white oil paint on top which ultimately silences the crowd. Another aspect I like about this piece is how the lonesome figures blend into the background but at the same time stand out a great deal. This is the first piece that I am very pleased with and am thinking of painting it on a much larger scale. However I feel I need to experiment further with this subject matter.


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