Painting Another ISIS Scene

At this point I wanted to keep exploring ISIS imagery, however I wanted to choose a more action packed image in you like. Here it is below.

Like my most recent painting I started it the same by drawing out a brief outline on A1 paper and then mapping out areas of the painting with blocks of layers then building them upon one another. This was the finished piece below.

IMG_0831 With a lot of my paintings I use some sections of arylic paint as I feel it causes some contrast against the diluted layering of oil paint. For instance the hands of the gunman is painted using acrylic paint. In the past I have been criticised for over painting my pieces, so in this piece I made a conscious effort to limit myself hence the abstract feel to this painting. I painted the figures using block colour and mark making. There is one quite interesting mar that now looks like an eye in the photograph of the piece, this was not intentional. Along with this piece I painted the image again on another sheet on A1 paper, with this painting I applied the paint straight on to the paper. Here is the result below.


With this piece I was using the paint brush impulsively and not thinking too much about the application of the paint. With this paint I knew I was going to wash over the A1 image with a layer of muddy diluted oil paint, therefore I had to make some areas of the initial layers very strong so they would still be visible. For instance the hand painted in acrylic can be seen, and some black markings as well as the face of the gunman. The final part of this painting was a diluted layer of red to represent where the hostages were, I didn’t used the colour red for any particular reason. However, perhaps it subconsciously represented evil or blood. Overall I am not too happy with these pieces, I feel they my weakest so far but I will continue producing paintings on A1 paper.


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