Working wiith Evil Scenes- Influenced by Tuymans’ ‘Gaskamer’

After realising a particular interest in the absence of evil and the subtle yet powerful nature of Tuymans’ piece ‘Gaskamer’ I wanted to evoke some of these absences in my own work. The start of the year is always a time in which I struggle to get a grasp so this year I have made a conscious effort to just start painting straight away. My first step was to use an image that was an evil scene, I didn’t want this to be to cliche or over the top so I opted for a gangster scene. This can be seen below.


My first step was to paint the image of an A2 sheet of paper. The reason I am using paper is because the my assessment last year concluded that my most successful work was on paper rather than canvas. I am more experimental on paper rather than the canvas which comes with the attachment of producing good art. I am hoping to continue my paper with the layering technique I am used to in an attempt to make the evil in the painting absent; the evil in the painting being the fresh corpse. I first started drawing out the image onto the paper and once this was done I started painting my first layer quite boldly. This was the outcome.


As the painting developed I had a failed attempt at using the photo emulsion technique. I was planning to transfer the image of the victim onto the painted image. Although this failed I just started painting over the A4 sheet of paper and it created a sort of platform for the area in question. This was the picture of the victim below. With the enlargement it lost focus, however I quite liked this effect.

Along with this paper I produced another piece also on A1 paper. With this piece I was much less precise. As I didn’t draw out the image beforehand. I again attempted to do the photo emulsion here, however at a much earlier stage in the painting. Again it failed, and as a result a tear in the image influenced me to just stick a random image on the piece to cover this up. This piece was very much a exploratory piece.

I also explored further on A1 paper. The main character in the photograph is of particular interest to me.






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