Tutorial with James Green

This was the first tutortial of the year at this point I am at a very impressionable stage in my studio work. James seemed to like the work and he thought I chose a good image to work from. He suggested looking at a few artists. The first of which is Tim Shaw. Shaw is an artist with a great focus on war and a piece that is of particular relevance is a sculpture depicting one of the mistreated prisoners during the Iraq war. This can be seen below.


This sculpture touches on my dissertation research also. Although I don’t want to be so suggestive of the word evil when it comes to my work I appreciate the demonic feel to this work. The phrase evil is extremly clear here, I want to incorporate evil into my work in a much more subtle way.  As it was the first tutortial there were many artists that James mentioned in order to spark some thoughts. Another one of these was David Sullivan who also paints war scenes.


This piece entitled ‘Clown’ is clearly a statement on the involvement of troops in war. This is a veryu powerful piece and emphaises the obedient nature of society. This piece again however highlights the evil or rather uses humour to magnify it, I want to make it absent like Tuyman’s ‘Gaskamer.’

James Green also advised me to perhaps focus on a certain part of the image and take it larger. As well as looking at more modern examples of evil, for example the IRA in the 80’s or the current beheading of British and American hostages by the ISIS. This is something that I had considered but James Green also encouraged me to look at mewspapers and different accounts of the story and surround myself with them, this is something I look to do. In relation to the ISIS hostage situation it is an interesting thought to wonder what they do with there days, is it all doom and gloom?Is it all evil? Overall this tutortial has inspired me to be braver with my subject material.


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