PDP- Constellation

I felt constellation this year was well suited to my studio work in the long term, however the International Discourses within Art and Design module did seem a bit useless to begin with in terms of what direction I wanted to take my work in. I did end up however really enjoying most of the lectures before Christmas, and they began to influence my studio work for the better, and it will have ultimately influenced my dissertation also. The most influential aspects for me was the introduction of Foucault, and the general relation to theoretical views on society. The lectures were very well presented and constructed by our module leader Morag Colquhoun. Who was also my Level 4 constellation tutor so it was someone I was familiar with and someone who showed a great deal of interest in my work.

At the end of the first term we had to produce a presentation which consisted of what we were interested in in terms of the project and in terms of what we could potentially look deeper into with the shadow of dissertation looming. At this point, I was really unsure about my presentation and I did feel the whole dissertation process was rushed a bit at this stage. I didn’t end up basing my presentation on something I particularly wanted to do for dissertation, I based it upon something that I felt was very closely linked to the International Discourse module. It was presentation based on the racial barriers within the art world, particularly the painting world. The main aspect was focused around a female black artist who was recently nominated for the Turner Prize, her name being Lynette Yiadom-Boakye. I was essentially challenging the very fundamentals of race within art, and how black artists have been credited, in particularly when the subject of the piece is on a black person, rather than the artist themselves. I was really disappointed with this presentation and in the end of term feedback me and Morag did discuss this in detail, and I began to feel good with what direction I wanted to push my work in.

After Christmas we had a few weeks of large lectures in which we discussed some advice and facts about our upcoming dissertation research. We then had to submit a dissertation sheet which outlined what we would like to research for our dissertation. The tutors then chose which student would be best suited to their area of expertise, I was put with Morag was again. We then had some early research tutorials in which we started to map out and sculpt our dissertation plans. She advised some books for me to read and I proceeded by doing this is the period leading up to my next tutorial. The books that I were reading were about authority’s constraints on society, as I am studying how evilness in constructed in society and the art world. Therefore society aspect to me is something I am very interested in. The next tutorial was when we looked further into the writing of the dissertation proposal and how to approach it. We essentially constructed a quick plan and since then I have started and almost finished my dissertation proposal. Overall it has gave me a better idea of what I am studying, how to approach it and what to do in the near future.



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