Preparation for Main Piece

After deciding my subject matter and the construction of my main piece I chose to use A1 paper and a piece that I had previously worked upon. I feel this non-related under layer will give the piece more depth and more instability in a sense.



The next step was to arrange the hypnotic symbols with an ordered structure in mind. Drawing influence from Mark Bradford’s piece ‘Receive Calls on Your Cellphone From Jail,’ and it’s panopticon theme.


This orderly construction of the hypnotic symbols being a statement on our society. I was considering having many different hypnotic signs, however I felt restricting this aspect makes the piece more powerful in terms of suggesting a union amongst us. Individuality being a very rare thing.






I have then applied a couple layers of diluted acrylic paint. I realised from experimental work a lighter color works better on the whole, however I added more depth with the second layer of black. Once the symbols were painted upon their power were immediately drained, however their presence is still there, they are now much more easy on the eye. I left some sections of the hypnotic signs bare in a bid not to overpower them.






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