Idea for Main Piece

I want my main piece to have many layers which cover something up. Going on from the idea of creating something to calm and distract, I want to create something that brainwashes to a certain extent.

I have found a disturbing portrait that I am going to use as the main subject. It is an album cover that has many layers and is quite a graphic and frightening image. I am aware that people may be put off by this, however I want to create a brainwashing device which in turn will prevent them from averting their eyes. I am going to do this by layering an ordered selection of hypnotic symbols onto a page. This ordered sequence relates to my previous work in the sense that it is representational of a prison scene, authority and order.

The final outcome will be quite a confusing piece, that maybe quite difficult to look at for a prolonged period. However hopefully the underlying hypnotic symbols will provide something to fixate upon.  I am interested in the idea of society being controlled by subliminal messaging from fields such as advertising. This trend becoming all the more possible with David Harvey‘s theory on space and time.


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