Surprise Me- Idea Generation

For this project I am collaborating with a product designer, this will naturally add another dimension to my work. We are interested in medical conditions, and in particular asthma.

Definition of Asthma:

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. In those susceptiable to asthma, this inflammation causes the airways to spasm and swell periodically so that the airways narrow. The individual then must wheeze or gasy for air. Obstruction to air flow either resolves spontaneously or responds to a wide range of treatments, but continuing inflammation makes the airways hyer-responsive to stimuli such as cold air, exercise, dust mites, pollutants on the air, and even stress and anxiety.

Asthma wasn’t an illness I knew too much about, however my parnter for this project is a mild sufferer and he helped me gain a further insight. Previous to this I only knew about the most common weapon fo treating the disorder. This can be seen below.

asthma pump

However there are a range of treatments and terms used such as relievers and preventers. One thing they most if not all have in common is that they are all phyical treatments. Is asthma just a physical illness? Can it be prevented or controlled using therapy for instance. The fact that stress and anxiety can worsen asthma leads me to belive that a calming effect can go some way to calming the disorder so to speak. Could a hypnotic trance help relive syptoms. Another thing that interested me is an asthma sufferers unrest during sleep. Do you find their syptoms are eased somewhat.


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