Surprise Me- Idea Generation 3

We ultimately want to transform the asthma pump into a more mental experience while also maintaining its physical benefits to some degree. Our first idea was to create an installation piece. As I am a painter I want to move away from this field as it isn’t very surprising. The installation piece would play on this idea of a mind palace. In other words a room an asthma sufferer could enter during an attack to help ease their stress levels and enhance the calming process. Drawing on previous work I know the importance of an environment and their effects on an individual. Our second idea was to create a video piece, this piece being a video to calm sufferers down. Furthermore we could remodel the asthma pump and attach a QR code to it which transports you to the calming video piece. Our third idea is to again remodel the asthma inhaler and attach some sort of distracting and calming device to it, we were thinking a zeotrope.


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