Surprise Me- Idea Generation 2

After researching I have found some information about certain calming aids that some people think can help smoothen the illness. After futher reading I have found it is an field which doesn’t have a parituclarly extensive pool of reseach.

‘Treatment and therapies such as yoga, acupuncture, homeopathy, hypnosis and Buteyleo and other breathing techniques, are usually referred to as complentary therapies.’

Hynposis being one I am particarly interested in.  However, hynposis has been shown to be beneficial is some cases, but not everyone is susceptiable to hynposis and although it may reduce reduce it is not clear whether it has other benefits.

As a pair we are going to make a questionaire and reach out to people who suffer from bad or severe asthma. Hopefull their feedback will give us a much greater insight into the lifestyle and particularly the feeling during an acutal asthma attack. How does thing feel for instance. One aspect I am interested in is whether or not someone actying as a calming influence can help ease the attack, or even if someone was distracting them.

An idea that we touched upon was the idea of a ‘mind palace,’ which is essentially a place in your mind you can go to escape such physical trauma’s as asthma. How about making this room phyical?



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