Surprise me session 1

Being surprising within our art practice is exactly what this field module is about. This project gears us up to think in  different way. There are no learning outcomes, nor assessment criteria, which really gives us the power to create from scratch and much more freely.

In this session we discussed issues such as deflationary theories of truth, this is something I am interested in. It has some relation to the Roland Barthes theory of mythology.

The French philosopher Derrida had a theory that all truth is open to analysis, we all read a book differently. We should embrace this in some respects rather than disown such a theory. We also discussed Foucault’s theory of episteme.

The lecture also referred to the overuse of the word technology. Is technology a word to create a sense of power. Isn’t much of technology nature? Why isn’t a butterfly’s wings regarded as technology? We are obsessed with power and class in society. Most of us are actually working class. We live in a postmodern society, everything has to have meaning.

We then had to think of an idea that we could discuss. Drawing on something from the Art and Conscious Mind module I suggested boundaries. How does a boundary/place/environment impose itself on an artwork?


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