Workshop- Craig Thomas

This workshop was delivered by an artist who focused on our consciousness and how this could extend out to a particular environment. This for me was the most interesting of all these workshops. I was very interested in how ones environment is very much an element of consciousness. An artist Craig mentioned to us was Richard Serra. This below is a piece of his titled ‘Promenade’.





“He wants people to experience the art in a particular time and setting: ‘It’s about apprehension, how you apprehend the space and the piece,’ he said. ‘It’s part of the experience of walking around the space in which the art appears — you implicate yourself in the space, and the experience is in you, not in the frame or on the wall.'”

This work is especially appealing to me people of it’s likeness to the panopticon scene.

Craig then showed us a work of his titled ‘Labyrinth,’ which is essentially a site specific installation. It is totally dependent on the onlooker to engage with the work and experience it. To fully appreciate the work walking through the curtains is a must.

The projection was directed towards the hanging curtains and continuously beamed in upward and downward motion. This created a rather strange effect and we found that it effected different people in different was. I found myself in what I thought was an unstable environment and experiencing a loss of balance. It felt like the effects of gravity were lesser in this installation. Furthermore it reminded me of an alien abduction scene. The piece was also quite hypnotic, I found it very meditative and overpowering in a sense. This workshop opened my eyes to new ways one’s environment can effect there current state.



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