Workshop- Alise Piebalga

This workshop was about movement and it’s relation to our self-awareness. Alise is a dancer/performance artist. She spoke in length about that moment she loses her conscious awareness during a trapeze exercise. This moment being when she leaves one pair of hands and finds another. This being a very vulnerable point in the process.

One artist Alise showed us was Bill Viola. His work empowers movements that are regular human traits. This is a particularly eye-catching piece of his below.

We were asked to recreate to a certain degree in groups in which we would produce a video recording. We had to heavily consider our movements and how this sense of awareness can contribute to this. The first task was to simply mimic the other person’s movements. Secondly we involved a long piece of string to connect the individuals and suggest the two performers were conjoined through their bodies and ultimately their consciousness. We continued with this idea of mimicing the other person and we focused particularly on the movement of the string. I surprisingly enjoyed the afternoon and left with a slightly different view on performance art.


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