Thoughts after Tutorial

I was pleased with my assessment, I now feel like I have got a grasp on what I need to improve. David Fitzjohn outlined how my best work was in my sketchbook, as it it was loose and less obsessive and restricted. I understand how I have a tendency to obsess about producing a painting that is technically good, I now feel I have the power to escape this in a sense, this being something that I previously found difficult. I was also told how my work was quite cliche. This was something that Andre had previously told me in a group tutorial, however I feel like I now understand this. For instance the colour black isn’t the only colour that represents evil. The use of other colours leaves more to the imagination and leaves more to the viewer to consider. I was advised to look at artist such as Luc Tymans, Ansel Kiefer and Marlene Dumas for this aspect of depicting evil in less obvious ways. I was told to consider eerie ways of depicting evil which are in fact much more frightening and relevant amongst society. It is not always the monster who is evil after all, much of which my project was based on. David also said I rely on literal illustrations rather than having confidence in the symbolic qualities of the material I have chosen. He suggested how the concept of the cage was too obvious and the veil is often more successful. I feel I pay to much effort to worrying if the viewer will understand the piece, and now I realise I could have used something else to suggest the environment. Perhaps covering more of the features would have been more successful. An artist I was advised to look at considering this aspect was Cecily Brown.  I was also told to explore more materials to paint with, in particular a wax paste to mix with oil paint, this is something I feel would be very useful. He said I had done well.


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