For Manifesto we were put in a room to produce collages. We had to take someone’s else work and gain inspiration from it. I was given a liquid lights photograph. The aspect of this that interested me was the effect of the liquid lights rather than the actual subject. I liked this faded effect with the paintbrush marks were still very much visible. I wanted to take this aspect into my collage.








This was was piece, on a large A1 scale. As well as the liquid lights inspiration I wanted the work to have influence from my current body of work. Essentially how people can be corrupt and this is a part of human nature. I therefore looked to magazines and in particular newspapers as these were rife with scandal and evilness being broadcasted to the public. I also included some  images from my current work including characters from the Stanford experiment and a Klutsis propaganda piece glorifying the Stalin regime. I took these images of notable scandal and arranged them in a way that I felt would complement each other and provide a link and perhaps even more scandal. For example the superman is arranged alongside the Stalin propaganda piece to suggest some kind of superior element. Also the page three model is arranged near some nasty politician. Once the piece was constructed I then layered a diluted of black oil on areas of the collage. This was was stain the page and was also staining their images ironically. Furthermore I blacked out certain sections such as faces to represent how we can all succumb to evilness under given pressures. The very first layer has been build up with brown envelopes, I feel this has worked quite well alongside the diluted black acrylic. On some areas the brushstrokes are very much visible and this fading process can be seen, much like the liquid lights example.


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