Exploration studies with ‘John Wayne’ character

Here I have explored with paint upon photographs. The paint acting in a similar way to the glasses, which is essentially a prop to conceal human floors.


This is the outcome, I then focused on this covering element. I produced two oil pastel studies of the piece above.

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I found the effect in which I laid the paper with white spirit before I applied the oil pastel was more successful. It appears more distinguished the other study has become quite bland and blurred in a sense. Here are the other results.


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I put some areas of acrylic paint after the oil pastel to allow the subject to come to the surface. The acrylic has an interesting effect with white spirit, the two can’t interact with each other.


Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

The idea of evil being portrayed in film is something that I am studying. The Jekyll and Hyde relationship is something that interests me. Also the many adaptations, and how they differ. The present day trailer seems to focus less on the physical monstrous transformation of the character. This suggestion that there doesn’t have to be a physical transformation is a statement in itself, it can be perceived more real when it isn’t so theatrical.

The transformation scenes is perhaps the most intruging as it outlines the major change, however dramatic it may be.

Nolan Influenced by Bacon

‘Take the clown make up and make it more threatening somehow, more real world.’


Portrayal of evilness in movies

This somewhat muted approach to horror is often more successful this classic horror humans, it makes the scene seem more realistic and something the viewer can relate to or a more normal level.


Furhter development of painting


This is the next stage in this piece. Following the criticism that I received in my tutorial that I am too cliched when considering evil I have chose to brighten up the background somewhat. I done this by layering a thin layer of diluted oil paint. This also has helped me to gain a greater insight to the portrait. It has essentially brought the portrait to the surface. I will probably layer upon this background at a later stage of the painting. The last stage of the painting was a necessary stage, however it was the part of the painting in which it didn’t look its most appealing. The heavy dabbing and layering of block layers of paint was simply a stage that would be build over with diluted layers. The beauty of this part will come to the surface later on. I have now started to layer over some of these sections with diluted layers. Primarily black, yellow and red, and some areas of flesh tone.


Pencil study of Myra Hindley


This is a quick study of Myra Hindley. I find the pencil strips back the photo and maintains the realness of the mug shot.

The reality of a mugshot

The strange element to a criminal mugshot is how unfrightening they are, these are ultimately normal looking people. Which magnifies the point that people are not all good from the Stanford prsion experiment.