Thoughts After Tutorial

I have just explained my ideas to Susan Adams and I felt she like my idea but was fairly lost when considering how I would go about constructing an environment for my ‘John Wayne’ character painted sculpture piece. she suggested looking at some artists which work with using found objects. She also suggested going to dumps and picking up items. The prision environment that I want to create is something that I feel needs to be very much man made there I feel materials such as metal would magnify this rather than wood for example. Previous to this tutorial I was looking for a bird cage and was planning to work onto it with wax and oil paint to give the same effect as the piece which would be centred in the cage. She suggested making my own frame structure, hoewever I feel I want the manufactured look, much like the manniquen head itself.

Artists she suggested included Bruce Lacey, Jean Tinguely, Bill Woodrow and David Altmejd who was of particular interest.

She made it clear that she felt my painting work was strong and although it is good that i came out of my comfort zone, but I probably should be painting. She said it was a valuable lesson really as it cemented what I really wanted to do within my work.

My first step after this tutorial was to get a canvas and start to paint my prison guard sculpture upon it. Feeling very inspired and motivated right now after a low point. Although I still want to get my hands on a cage to find a conclusion to this 3D piece.


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