Hot Wax Workshop

on this day I entered the workshop hoping for something that would kickstart my project and i had hit a low. My idea with wax wasn’t working out as I’d hoped. i had underestimated the amount of wax I needed and how effective it would be, I was hoping this workshop would give me an alternative to applying the wax at the very least.

The workshop taught us how to boil and handle hot wax and devices to use to ould the wax into place such as rubber or plaster. Furthermore it taught me some facts about the substance that I needed to know, such as candle wax being the cheapest kind of wax there is. However the higher quality wax in the workshop was green and thick, I want the wax to be as transparent as possible. i do feel I am currently using the right material.

This workshop didn’t assist me in the way that I had hoped, however it did give me some invaluable insights, and ultimately allowed me to adapt my final project idea for the better. I feel i am now considering the feects of the wax more in my way and am understanding more in terms of controlling the substance.


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