‘Condensation cube’ by Hans Haacke/development of idea


This is a piece that I saw at the Tate Modern. Minimalism isn’t normally a form of art that impresses me, however this piece has some relevance to my recent development of work. The idea of a tank is something that I am considering at the moment. Also the aspect of environment is at the core at my latest body of work.  The that that fascinates me with this piece is the way the water corrupting it’s environment with the condensation or is it rather the environment that is corrupting the water, because without the environment the water wouldn’t have produced condensation. This theory relates to the Stanford prison experiment.

This is an idea that has since developed. I already had the idea of using a fish tank, or water tight transparent construction. However I am now debating whether to fill up a small part of the tank with hot water. I want the wax on this part of the mannequin head to erode. I want this to suggest how the corrupt environment is eroding ones personality as well as building upon it. The difficulties with this idea would be the weight of the polystyrene mannequin head, I would perhaps need super glue to secure the head in place, otherwise it would float. The wax would float too. The hot wax workshop although not ideal has given me some more thoughts about the substance.



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