Further progression with ‘John Wayne’ piece

After that hot wax workshop I was feeling refreshed and motivated, first off I finished painting my mannequin heads. here was the final outcome.

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I am quite pleased with the these, I feel they are what I wanted to achieve, i am particularity pleased with the ‘John Wayne’ character, I feel I captured him in the right light in terms of an setting an under-layer, his character without the environment corrupting it. Rather then apply hair i just painted the back of the heads black, I wanted a generic look to these pieces to suggest how this piece is a reflection on human nature. I feel the mannequin itself gives this effect with its doll-like manufactured features. The painting in itself would always appear manufactured due to the mannequin features I had to use as a platform.

I then realised I couldn’t use both of the mannequins in this piece through my experimentation, the wax wouldn’t be strong. At this point i decided to used the mannequin I feel turned out better and the one of the most interesting character ‘John Wayne’ as he was nicknamed. I felt he was most corrupted by the environment and was the most important and interesting character to base my piece upon, which would essentially give a dim view on society.


Here I wanted to explore with the burning of polystyrene, it burns much like a plastic bag, it shrivels up and becomes slights brown and toasted. This is something I feel I can use within my work.


This is the mannequin in the box just before I poured or rather dripped wax on it, below the mannequin you can see my exploration work with wax.

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This is the first layer of wax, at this point I was quite surprised with the effect, I felt i could build on this. Finally my project was coming together.

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This is the second layer of wax. I have build up the layers quite considerably, growing in confidence each time.

In the Stanford experiment documentaries it suggested how the props the guards used such as glasses contributed to their behavior. It ultimately acted as a shield or mask to cover up any vulnerabilities and help to cement a harder outer-shell. It could be said that the eyes give away your true feelings, with the glasses this was prevented.

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I then started layering upon the mannequin head once again. Gradually it was become more than a mannequin head and my conceptual ‘environment’ is being created.

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