Polystyrene mannequin heads

I wanted to act on this idea, however I altered it slightly. I brought two mannequin heads rather than one, I felt that one wouldn’t signify an environment necessarily. I now want to re-stage a scene from the Stanford experiment. Not any scene in particular just the relationship between guard and prisoner; and in particular the relationship between the lead guard nicknamed ‘John Wayne’ after is masculine, no nonsense attitude.

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He was the cruelest guard, the dominant guard, the guard who demanded the most respect. His harshest treatment was delivered to the prisoner below.

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I am considering more whether it is a case of picking on the weakest, this prisoners looks particularly fragile, and ‘John Wayne’ vindictively isolated this prisoners as a way to intimidate the others and prevent any further rebellions.

I want to replicate their physical identities with these two mannequin heads I have brought. They are the cheapest option and only polystyrene heads, I feel this may give greater power to the supposed waxwork and in other words the ‘environment which is transforming these good individuals.

Here are the heads below.

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The mannequin heads are identical, this is what I wanted as I want the guard and prisoner to be on the same level in some sense. As well as this it gives me the opportunity to paint upon this. I understand that their features wont be physically identical due to the generic formation of the features, but I do what to get some resemblance to with the characters. I may even use props. In the Stanford experiment documentary they suggested how the uniform, particularly the guards uniform created a mask to the weakest of human emotions. Perhaps I could involve the glasses.

I am leaning towards using candle wax, I feel it would be the most accessible substance, however I need to experiment more with this.


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