Stanford experiment painted studies

During my tutorial my tutor Andre Stitt suggested that I become more looser and less thoughtful in a sense with my painting. In my previous tutorial he pointed out a mixed media piece on board that I produced in a few minutes and without any serious direction. He said this piece was the strongest out of the paintings. In this tutorial I think he was slightly disappointed that I didn’t build upon this idea of painting without any constraints to a great deal. Since then I have been been trying to go against my natural instinct to build upon a piece and I have been using the brush much more freely. I have been painting some photographs from the Stanford and Stanley Milgrim experiments.





images (3)

I understand what Andre was suggesting, the basic shape and roughly applied paint some go some way to reflecting the anguish and turmoil in the photographs, as well as representing a crueler aspect of human nature.

Also I revealed my ideas for the work moving towards my final piece. I made it clear that I wanted to move away from painting as I felt it was within my comfort zone. I indicated how I wanted to move onto a three dimensional piece which was conceptual. I wanted to get a mannequin head and plant it inside a tank or fish tank and then fill the tank with a liquid substance that solidifies. My first thought was PVA glue. Once it hardens it would act like cement and provide an environment for the mannequin head representing humans within a certain environment. My tutor said this was quite cliche and to explore with different liquids and materials. I felt that he doesn’t really envisage what I want to achieve.  I am a bit concerned about the glue as I have been experimenting with the drying time of PVA glue and it takes a long time, as well as this it can be quite fragile and not be transparent. Transparency being something I want to work with in this piece. I done some research into liquid substances that solidify and I found a resin that hardens and is transparent, however it is expensive and I need quite a lot of it to fill a tank. How about candle wax? It wont be transparent but could I work with this?

I am most fascinated by the Stanford experiment and how it focused on the idea of the environment having a dramatic effect on us. I want to represent this aspect within this piece.


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