Further development of mannequin head idea

When I described my idea to Andre Stitt he said it was quite cliche. I do understand where he is coming from, however I feel the idea could work with some tweaking.

I want the idea to be powerful in terms of challenging the results of the Stanford experiment.


I am planning on the same idea however introducing another mannequin head. I want to face them off, one to represent the prison guard and one to represent the prisoners. I want to again represent the environment by submerging the two characters so that they are mummified in a sense. Mummification being something that I have previously looked at.

I feel this idea will be more striking and tell the tale of the Stanford experiment as well as making a statement or society or rather human nature. I want to represent how these characters are equal, however their roles are very much unequal. I am thinking about including props. For example, introducing the guards glasses and this was a way to mask any human insecurities or sympathy.

I feel this piece is stronger than the last idea however it will still prove testing when it comes to actually constructing  it.


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