The art of mind control

Looking further into my work regarding conformity, leading on from the Stanford experiment I came across a group of people that I was previously aware of, but never really understood. This is the well documented case of Jonestown. Which was essentially a cult group or rather a Peoples Temple in Guyana in 1978. It was ultimately an extreme case of brainwashing on a mass scale. The Reverend Jim Jones was a leader who ultimately convinced almost nine hundred and twelve people to commit suicide. He convinced these people that it wasn’t suicide, but a revolutionary act. Which is absurd considering he managed to organise this spectacle.

This isn’t conformity is the same vein as the Stanley Milgrim studies or the Stanford experiment. In this case authority very much brainwashed or manipulated it’s followers. In brainwashing or rather mind control a minor or substantial part of authorities influence?

An interesting aspect to this is the power of hypnosis and it’s relation to conformity.

Could hypnosis be related to obedience more than we think.


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