London trip

On Wednesday a group of us travelled to London to view some galleries and generate some ideas. As part of the trip we got the chance to view the Australia exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. This exhibition was very much a tribute to Australia and it’s history, essentailly squeezing in two centuries of Austrialian art. It featured indigenous pattern work, as well as fasbously painted landscapes and one video piece.

To be honest, I felt the work was quite limited, the landscapes were beautifully painted and the cultural aspect interesting, however I didn’t find the work particulary challenging and it didn’t spark any ideas within my own practice. The next gallery was the Whitecapel gallery, I was already aware of the Sarah Lucas exhibtion before I arrived but I didn’t know that much about her work. I found it very sexually motivated which was quite obvious by most of the pieces. ‘The bawdy euphemisms, repressed truths, erotic delights and sculptural possbilities of the sexual body lie at the heart of Sarah Lucas’s work.’ Her work objectifies sex in a sense or rather cheapens it, one particular piece that stood out to me was a sculpture which consisted of nylon tights stuffed with wadding which represented the female figure in a cheap, disposable and tacky way. ‘Lucas’ work is visually striking, sometimes even aggressive, but it is also conceptually deep, often simultaneously referencing art historical traditions at the same time as conveying a social or political point.’ I found the work challenging and dynamic, however the work that interested me the most was a series of video works by Anette Krauss. In this piece she challenges the fundamental aspects of education. It is esstentially defined as ‘everything you can lean outside of and alongside the official school curriculum and the way we learn from one another.’ There was partiuclar piece that interested in and related to my work. It was the pupils whom she was working with admiting to the cheating techniques they use to excel in exams. This intrugied me because it showed how cheating or being evil (evil being a exaggerated word to use in realtion to Krauss’ work) was passed down if you like from student to student. It led me to question whether evilness is something that is educated to us rather then something that has the capablibity to overcome all of us.

This is a brief clip of ‘Hidden Cirriculum,’ not the scene I am relating to my work though.

The next stop was the Serpentine Gallery. When I arrived at this gallery I wasn’t expecting to be viewing painting however Marisa Merz’s work was being exhibitied. I was captivated by her very very expressive portraiture work. She also had sculpture and installation work, but her painting work reminded me of what I am trying to move away from, expressive portrait painting, however I couldn’t help but admire.

The next stop was the Tate Modern, as I was in the Tate Modern a few months ago I had seen much of the art in their before. I got the chance to come face to face again with the Thomas Hirschhorn piece ‘Candelabra with Heads.’ Apart from this there was one piece that stood out to me and that I hadn’t seen before or perhaps I just hadn’t noticed it before my latest idea. It was a piece by Hans Haacke called ‘Condensation Cube.’



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