Idea planning-mannequin head

I feel I have now decided to focus on the Stanford experiment in terms of moving forward with my work, I feel it is the most dynamic and haunting in terms of the effect environment has on human nature.

I have an idea, which is again a conceptual three-dimensional. I want to focus on this idea of tank being involved, a tank representing an environment. I then want to get a mannequin in a transparent liquid, perhaps PVA glue, that’s what I’m thinking right now, however I need to explore further with it. How long would it take to dry? How transparent would it actually be.

I want the mannequin to be full submerged in the PVA glue, so much so that I could even cut a dried block out. A block which is in a cube or rectangle shape thanks to the tank and a block that has suffocated or perhaps preserved the inner mannequin. I want the mannequin to represent a ‘good’ human, however once it becomes engulfed by the environment it becomes the environment and in effect ‘evil.’

I am just wondering if the PVA or whatever substance wasn’t transparent would this be the worst thing in the world. Perhaps that curiosity of what exactly is going on inside could be something quite interesting to ply around with.


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