Considering conceptual ideas- environmental

This is an idea I got in my constellation class. Our tutor is an environmental artist and she was showing us examples of her work. Environmental work isn’t something that has interested me before and nor does it really now. However I want to explore using an object as a subject that degrades and stands alone in a sense.

I have an three-dimensional idea of getting a tank, perhaps a fish tank and filling it with artificial plants. I then want to wrap a piece of fruit in parcel tape and hang it from the center of the tank, also with parcel tape. The effect I want to achieve is to stress the importance of environment within human nature. The artificial plants will symbolise the majority of us who would conform to ‘evil’ and the piece of fruit would symbolise the minority who wont. The fruit in theory will be in an environment within an environment. I am interested to see if the parcel tape has any preserving qualities about it or whether it will just shield reality.


I want my work to move away from 2-dimensional work and for it to become quite conceptual.



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