Exploration with PVA Homopolymer

When I think back to the beginning of this project and when I was considering the work of Gustav Klutsis and propaganda in general, the idea of something being repeated continuously interested, the suggesting that an environment or perhaps a constant image. I wanted to portray the photo from the Stanley Milgram experiment to a certain degree.

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I feel these worked quite well, because it gives quite a graphic take on the experiment footage, or you could say horrific really. I produced these using PVA homopolymer, which is a liquid which resembles glue. I was told before it the effect wouldn’t work as well with printed off photos which these were but old magazines and newspapers would work better. This can be see in this piece below which was taken from a cheap newspaper, I chose the picture because it reminded of the what I am studying with the contrasting dark view of a man contemplating something.


This has technically worked better however I like Milgram outcomes, they are harder to view, and more different to comprehend. Furthermore they have more imperfections and scratches which remind me of a human nail running across the surface giving the photograph’s a real personal feel.


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