Stanley Milgram experiment studies

When further considering the Stanley Milgram experiment, social psychology is something that fascinates me. The actual footage from the experiment gives a true reflection of the naivety of the human race.

The footage as well as photography is something I was to use in my work, and my most recent pieces are two acrylic studies on paper. These studies were produced using many layers of diluted acrylic. By using this technique I was to show a certain element of transparency within my subjects. The two photographs I have been using are quite horrific in nature, therefore I am trying to uncover a hidden personality or rather a hidden naivety under these mechanical figures.








I feel the build up of these paintings are particularly important, with my diluted layering I want the under-layers to have a voice. The under-layers reflecting our inner minds. And perhaps reflecting how weak we actually are. These pieces are on paper I feel I have less obsession when painting on paper which allows me to become looser. It also produces a different effect as the diluted layers don’t become absorbed as easily. I feel this two paintings work quite well, particularly the bottom one.






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