Approaching painting- Richter, Sasnal and Doig

After being in the studio and hitting a low point I visited the library to get some ideas. I looked at three painters, Gerhard Richter, Wilhem Sasnal and Peter Doig. These are three artists who stand out to me, in particular Sasnal. I have loved his work ever since I saw it in the Whitecapel Gallery in 2011, I found the paintings extremely profound and he has an ability to make people and places look dead with his featureless paintings. ‘Sasnal’s paintings have a terrible, bleak economy. But the longer you look, the more complicated things get.’

His work is very inspirational to me right now as I am currently looking at the bleak side of painting, however his paint work is very heavy and thick, I perfer many think layers. I think it’s fair to say Sasnal is the heir to Richter in terms of being the most accomplished painter. I can draw many comparisons between the two. I have always admired Richter for his paintings of photographs, rather than his most iconic works. While looking through a richter book I came across this painting that stood out to me.

2434Coffin Bearers, 1962, 135cm x 180cm, oil on canvas

This is a fabulous painting, I have the dripping effect and the areas of heavil black oil, you really get a sense of the traumatic scene unfolding. I want to take this element into my own work.

Peter Doig is an artist that i seen in the Tate a few years ago. His work is probably the least powerful to me out of the three artists, nontheless this piece has always left a lasting impression on me.

Echo Lake 1998 by Peter Doig born 1959Echo Lake, 1998, oil on canvas


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