Life drawing/ visual indeterminacy

The last two weeks I have participated in life drawing classes. Life drawing is always something I enjoyed and I felt like it was something that could spark an idea within my project. After all I do want to work with a subject matter that I can work with. The life drawing model I felt added something, with my work examining my subject’s inner awareness, it meant I had no relationship with my potential subject, therefore I could only examine there outer shell in a sense. This interested in me, would this ultimately limit or enhance my work?

Another point that interested me was the sex of the model, on the first week the model was female and the following week he was male. I felt I wanted a male as their outer shell, is supposedly more hardened. When I brought my life drawing studies back to the studio I was quite confused with where to take them next, I knew I wanted to work upon the studies.

Following my influence from Hirschhorn’s piece in the Tate, ‘Candelebra of heads,’ I wanted to explore with parcel tape and the idea of containment in a sense. My first point of exploration was to mask the life drawing with parcel tape until it was almost unrecognisable. On one of the life drawings I use a permanent marker to outline the figure as I wanted to maintain some idea of what lay underneath, however on the other I allowed the parcel tape to take over. I have to say there is something appealing with the parcel tape, with it cheap, brown and glossy feel. One one of the studies I laid areas of black acrylic and heavily diluted black acrylic in certain areas on top of the parcel tape. These produced a strange outcome, particularly the heavily diluted areas, which created a dripping effect, this was due to the parcel tape not being able to absorb the diluted acrylic. These are the results, I am not impressed enough with these studies to make produce more.





The idea of subject’s being unrecognisable at first glance is very interesting to me. We recently had a lecture with Rob Pepperel about the fundamentals of visual indeterminacy. This term is essentially an object or scene that defies easy or immediate recognition. As my current body of work is focusing on self-awareness or rather the hidden mind, something being unrecognisable at first glance could be something quite useful and something I could build upon. I feel I have already been exploring with this in my work to some extent, however I feel I am more equipped to tackle this topic further.


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