Tutorial and painting without as much control



This was the painting that my tutor said was the strongest piece. I’m not sure if I agree as of now, however I appreciate his opinion. He said to explore more with this loosely, less thoughtful and less obsessed way of painting. I look to paint more this way and ignore my instincts to define areas.

This piece is a study of the ‘good’ mask. I have simply layered the board with diluted black oil paint and white spirit. Then I have layered on top a brief shape of the white mask. For this section I have used white acrylic which is heavily diluted with water. Which creates this dripping effect. The noticeable mark in the centre of the board, just above the nose was done when the first layer of paint was drying and I accidentally dragged my foot through the paint when the board was discarded on the floor. My tutor asked about this and perhaps accidents like this should be welcomed in future. This was originally was meant to be a quick study of a larger piece I was doing involving the two masks, however it will now most likely form  a large part of my practice. As an influence really rather than a main piece.


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