PDP-Constellation-Local, Global Sustainability


‘The basic missions of global management have endured from the early postwar period, among them: containing other centers of global power within the “overall framework of order” managed by the United States; maintaining control of the world’s energy supplies; barring unacceptable forms of independent nationalism; and overcoming “crises of democracy” within domestic enemy territory.’  Noam Chomsky, Hegemony or Survival, New York, Metropolitan Books, 2003

‘The primary economic role of wars, however, was as a means to open up new markets that had been sealed up and to generate postwar peacetime booms. Now wars and disaster responses are so fully privatized that they are themselves the new market.’ Naomi Klein, ‘The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism’, 2007

These statements outline the superiority of western powers and in particular on global issues. This could be regarded as a panopticon society on a worldwide scale.

‘The end of history will be a very sad time. The struggle for recognition, the willingness to risk one’s life for a purely abstract goal, the worldwide ideological struggle that called forth daring, courage, imagination, and idealism, will be replaced by economic calculation, the endless solving of technical problems, environmental concerns, and the satisfaction of sophisticated consumer demands. In the post historical period there will be neither art nor philosophy, just the perpetual care taking of the museum of human history.’ Francis Fukyuama, The End of History? 1989

This aspect of one panopticon global society is suggested here.

The power of a spectacle is an interesting aspect of society. Television can be viewed as a spectacle to some degree. A spectacle that perhaps blinds us through the power of entertainment.


First stages of painting


This is the first stage of my painting of my finished ‘John Wayne’ character. The main colours I am using are diluted black, diluted yellow and diluted red oil paint on canvas. I feel I have prepared this painting well. The effect you can see has been done using a tissue and lightly dabbing the surface. I want to build up many layers until I produce my final piece. This is a good start.

David Altmejd influence

Altmejd’s work is waxwork is very interesting, especially when considering the development of my wax sculpture.

Thoughts After Tutorial

I have just explained my ideas to Susan Adams and I felt she like my idea but was fairly lost when considering how I would go about constructing an environment for my ‘John Wayne’ character painted sculpture piece. she suggested looking at some artists which work with using found objects. She also suggested going to dumps and picking up items. The prision environment that I want to create is something that I feel needs to be very much man made there I feel materials such as metal would magnify this rather than wood for example. Previous to this tutorial I was looking for a bird cage and was planning to work onto it with wax and oil paint to give the same effect as the piece which would be centred in the cage. She suggested making my own frame structure, hoewever I feel I want the manufactured look, much like the manniquen head itself.

Artists she suggested included Bruce Lacey, Jean Tinguely, Bill Woodrow and David Altmejd who was of particular interest.

She made it clear that she felt my painting work was strong and although it is good that i came out of my comfort zone, but I probably should be painting. She said it was a valuable lesson really as it cemented what I really wanted to do within my work.

My first step after this tutorial was to get a canvas and start to paint my prison guard sculpture upon it. Feeling very inspired and motivated right now after a low point. Although I still want to get my hands on a cage to find a conclusion to this 3D piece.

Marc Quinn influence

A piece that i am reminded of when creating this body of work is Marc Quinn’s piece ‘Self,’ otherwise known as blood head.

Experimentation with wax and water/controlling the wax

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Since I have decided to only use the one character in my 3d piece, I have began to use the other mannequin head for experimentation. I first explored the effect of hot water on wax. I first dripped some wax on the subject them placed a section of the mannequin head in the hot water. The results were as expected, the wax that was submerged melted. And melted quickly. I then abandoned the experiment and just placed the head in the water, as it floated a side of the face was submerged under the water. The wax then created the shape of the mannequin head this can be seen below. I found this quite interesting. The ultimate conclusion to these studies was that I couldn’t control the wax as well as I would have hoped.



‘Condensation cube’ by Hans Haacke/development of idea


This is a piece that I saw at the Tate Modern. Minimalism isn’t normally a form of art that impresses me, however this piece has some relevance to my recent development of work. The idea of a tank is something that I am considering at the moment. Also the aspect of environment is at the core at my latest body of work.  The that that fascinates me with this piece is the way the water corrupting it’s environment with the condensation or is it rather the environment that is corrupting the water, because without the environment the water wouldn’t have produced condensation. This theory relates to the Stanford prison experiment.

This is an idea that has since developed. I already had the idea of using a fish tank, or water tight transparent construction. However I am now debating whether to fill up a small part of the tank with hot water. I want the wax on this part of the mannequin head to erode. I want this to suggest how the corrupt environment is eroding ones personality as well as building upon it. The difficulties with this idea would be the weight of the polystyrene mannequin head, I would perhaps need super glue to secure the head in place, otherwise it would float. The wax would float too. The hot wax workshop although not ideal has given me some more thoughts about the substance.