enclosed and perserved

Although painting is my mine outlet I do want to move away from it. I came across an interesting subject matter by accident. A material called hessian, which has a rather detailed cross-hatched structure which makes it extremely sturdy and rough. A thick layer of a substance known as PVA Homopolymer which is similar to regular PVA glue was poured onto the material, so much so that the material was flooded or rather suffocated.

This interested me, the idea that this material was preserved in this solid, transparent outer layer. This glue-like outerl ayer suddenly became a smooth screen to view what the inner layer held. A once rough outer layer now completely contained. This immediately reminded me of mummified corpses. I am thinking of ideas to take this effect into sculpture perhaps.

I current ideas surrounded around the word containment, I want to get my hands on a manniquen head perhaps and put it in a tank, the only tank I can think of now is a fish tank, the next step would be to completely submerge the manniquen head with PVA glue until the tank is completely full. PVA glue would be a reasonable substitute considering it is cheaper and more readily available than PVA Homopolymer.


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